Acai Taste

People have asked this one question time and time again:  Does acai taste good?

Well, taste is always a matter of preference, however, there are some foods that appeal to the masses and others that don’t.  So where does acai fit in?  Acai tastes great!

Yes, acai tastes great!  It is amazing how a food (a superfood) can be so good for you and still taste so good.  I always prefer to eat fresh acai pulp – not just for the health benefits, but for the great taste!  It is hard to find fresh acai in the United States, so often times we need to consume acai in powdered form.  You’ll still get the health benefits – but if you really want that great taste, get fresh acai!

I just returned to New York from a trip to Brazil, so I was lucky enough to enjoy the great taste of fresh acai.