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Acai Berry

People ask me what the difference is between acai and the acai berry.  The answer is Nothing!  Acai is a plant, it grows, and produces clusters of berries which are harvested.  Just like any other berry, fruit, vegetable, or edible plant, acai berry is made into other acai products which make it easier (even feasible) to transport to other parts of the world.

So remember, when people refer to acai or acai berry, it is one in the same!


Acai Taste

People have asked this one question time and time again:  Does acai taste good?

Well, taste is always a matter of preference, however, there are some foods that appeal to the masses and others that don’t.  So where does acai fit in?  Acai tastes great!

Yes, acai tastes great!  It is amazing how a food (a superfood) can be so good for you and still taste so good.  I always prefer to eat fresh acai pulp – not just for the health benefits, but for the great taste!  It is hard to find fresh acai in the United States, so often times we need to consume acai in powdered form.  You’ll still get the health benefits – but if you really want that great taste, get fresh acai!

I just returned to New York from a trip to Brazil, so I was lucky enough to enjoy the great taste of fresh acai.

Is Acai Still Hot ?

Yes!  Emphatically, YES!

The fad is over, but Acai is still hot – it always will be!  Why… because Acai is a super food rich in anti-oxidants, and that means it has long term value to our diet.  All the fad really was, was intense marketing of Acai to people who really aren’t committed to their health and well-being.  For the rest of us, Acai always was, and still is, a valuable part of our eating habits.

Why Your Acai Didn’t Work

Do you want to know why your Acai did not work?  It could be because you are not sticking to it, but that may not be it.  The truth is many Acai products to not contain much Acai in them.  Yes, that is true.  Please read up on the product before you buy.  Acai works, so should your Acai product.  Remember, Acai is imported as it does not grow naturally in the United States.  That means it is expensive, and some product manufacturers simply don’t add much Acai to their Acai product.  Sounds counter-productive, doesn’t it?  Read labels, buy quality.

Acai Popularity Makes A Comeback !

I don’t like to think of a healthy superfood as a fad, yet often times that is what happens – even with a food (or any product) that is good. You see, it can be come fashionable to be healthy, or it can be fashionable to get in on the latest trend. There is no doubt that Acai became a trend here in the US, and like all trends, its’ popularity began to fade. We now see Acai making a popularity comeback after a fade. Why? Simple… it’s healthy! For those of us who never stopped appreciating the Acai berry, bravo! Rock on and enjoy.

Superfoods – Is Acai A Superfood ?

What is a superfood, and is acai a superfood?  Hey, I like to be healthy just like the next guy or gal, but I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I do know that I enjoy fruits and berries, among other foods, and I could not be happier to know that acai has indeed been classified as a superfood by Dr. Perricones on Oprah in 2005.  I know there has been an acai craze lately, but this is not a fad… well maybe some people are getting into acai as a fad, but the health benefits are real, and people of Brazil have been benefiting from it for hundreds of years.  When Dr. Perricones did his analysis, not only did he find the acai berry a superfood, he named it as number one of all superfoods!  That’s enough for me.

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